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COVID-19 Resources for Safety

We’ve collated COVID-19 resources to help protect you and the community around you in this challenging time. Sport is a fabric of society, it brings people together to foster community, belongingness, connection and health. We’re here to support the return of sport, when the time is right and the conditions are safe.

The COVID-19 situation changes daily and it is your responsibility to stay up to date with the latest advice, recommendations and restrictions specific to your area. We want your PlayBook experience to be safe and engaging so if you don’t feel comfortable coaching/training at any time we are happy for you to cancel, decline, or postpone (reschedule) sessions, we ask that you keep us informed so we can support you accordingly.

Don’t attend a coaching session if you’ve recently been exposed to or have symptoms of COVID-19.

If you have recently tested positive for COVID-19 and recently has a PlayBook session please contact us.

Please follow all advice from your State Government, local Police and the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Tips for Coaching Safely during COVID-19

Here’s some resources for further guidance about the current situation and how to stay informed:

World Health Organisation – Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic

Australian Government – Department of Health – Coronavirus (COVID-19) health alert

These are the key directions from the Australian Government Department of Health in relation to how to protect yourself and others from coronavirus (COVID-19)

Good hygiene – includes washing your hands, covering your coughs and cleaning your home and workplace.

Handwashing 101

Physical distancing – Practise physical distancing in public, at home, at work, and in schools.

Public gatherings – Understand the limits that apply to essential gatherings and non-essential gatherings.

Masks – Wearing a mask can help protect you and those around you if you are in an area with community transmission, and physical distancing is not possible.

Isolation – Read about what isolation is, steps you should take while in isolation, and what to do if you live with someone in isolation.

Quarantine – Read about what quarantine is, who must go into quarantine, and what to do if you live with someone in quarantine.

If you are unwell and think it might be COVID-19, seek medical attention or call the National Coronavirus Helpline in 1800 020 080

Other support

Beyond Blue are providing information, advice and strategies to help you manage your wellbeing and mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic – Hotline 1800512348

Your state, territory or sporting body may have other COVID-19 guidelines available, here are some of the state information sources:

Queensland Unite & Recover

Victoria Health and Human Services

New South Wales COVID-19 Updates

South Australia Keeping SA Safe & Strong

Western Australia COVID-19 Coronavirus

Australian Capital Territory COVID-19

Tasmania COVID-Safe Behaviours

Northern Territory Coronvirus Updates

Additional COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Infection Control training provided by TAFE Queensland

COVID Safe Checklist – Unite against COVID-19

AIS Framework for Rebooting Sport in a COVID-19 Environment

AIS National Principles for the Resumption of Sport and Recreation Activities

If you have any questions just let us know.

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