Sunday / 14 / May

A tribute to my Mum, on Mother’s Day

PlayBook Co-Founder Chris Lynn shares his thoughts on appreciating the people who support you, on your sporting journey.


I’m sorry I can’t spend mother’s day with you. I’m writing this from India, in the lead up to the IPL finals and I can honestly say I owe it all to you. There is no way I would have ever made it to this level in my sporting career if it wasn’t for your unrivalled support.

From my earliest memories, you’ve never missed a cricket, rugby, AFL game or swimming comp. You’ve never missed a school sports drop off or pick up… and that’s not just for me but for all the four kids in our family.

You were the first person to teach me about the importance of a healthy lifestyle – both physically and mentally – and your advice sticks with me to this day.

You supported me and convinced dad to make a cricket net for our backyard because I wanted one (and let’s be honest that nagging has paid dividends because it meant I could hit the nets whenever I wanted to). It also meant that all our friends could come over and have a hit. Our house became a neighbourhood hub of cricket and that fueled my love of cricket and mateship even more.

You’ve always been there to help me through injuries or other setbacks that have happened along the way – and we both know there have been plenty.

You’ve always been there to celebrate the wins and commiserate the losses – not just on the field but with anything that has come my way over the past 27 years.

You’re the most superstitious person I know – and I guess I have to thank you for how it’s helped my sporting success. You sit in the same seat and don’t move for the whole time I play a game. You’re the only person I know who crosses both their fingers for the WHOLE time I’m batting – which is fine for a T20 match but I honestly don’t know how you’ve done that for some of the games that I’ve been on the pitch for four or five straight hours!

In 17 years of playing cricket you’ve always, always said ‘good luck’ to me before every single match and I’ve never properly told you just how much that means to me.

You’re the only person I know who wakes up at midnight to sit on the floor, glued to your ipad, and watch my game that’s happening on the other side of the world.

I can honestly say that achieving big wins and milestones in my career is nothing compared to seeing the joy and pride on your face when I look over at you on the sidelines.

Any little bit of money, time, resources you’ve ever had has gone straight back into investing in your kids dreams – so the ‘wins’ are really our wins.

You’ve given up so much to ensure I could make my dreams come true and that’s why, this mother’s day, I wanted to write this open letter – so everyone knows who the real champion is – the most selfless and supportive person I know – my mum.

So thanks mum, for everything. I love you!